Terms and Conditions

All our deliveries are the general conditions of the members of the department hire members of association BOVAG apply and the general terms and conditions of autoverhuurlelystad. These conditions can be downloaded here

Below is an overview of our most important rules:


General information:

  • Reservations and / or cancellation is free (except for hiring long-term) and by phone or via email.
  • At the weekend, booking a half-day is not possible.
  • All rates listed on the website are exclusive of fuel.
  • A rental day is equal to 24 hours.
  • The weekend rate applies from Friday 18.00 t / m Monday 8:00 pm.
  • A midweek is from Monday 8.00 t / m Friday 18:00.
  • A week is a subsequent rental period of 7 days.
  • The deposit and the expected rent should, through pin or cash to be paid. We do not accept credit cards.
  • Only on request, an original registration certificate, green card and / or Eurovignette given to the vehicle.
  • For the renewal of the agreed rental period, you should always ask permission.
  • Smoking and pets are not allowed in our vehicles.
  • Our rental cars can be equipped with a track and trace system.
  • Autoverhuurlelystad reserves the right to deliver another (equivalent or higher) than the car reserved


Deposit per day:

  • For vehicles in the class A t / m VD is the deposit € 500, -. This amount may be reduced to € 300, - for € 2.90 per day.
  • For vehicles in the class VE t / m VPS is the deposit € 1000, -. This amount may be reduced to € 500, - for € 3.90 per day or € 300, - for € 4.90 per day.


Pick-up & returning the rental car

  • The lessee / driver must present a valid Dutch driving license and passport or ID card and also through meeting the requirements of the lessor;
  • When collecting the vehicle the renter next to the double legitimacy must pay a deposit in advance, which will be deducted at the end of the rental period.
  • If the vehicle does not calculate is returned with a full tank car Lelystad € 9.30 plus the fuel costs for fueling cars and commercial vehicles.


Responsibility and liability renter / driver:

  • When returning the vehicle outside the opening of the tenant remains liable for damage and theft at the time of ingestion and the preparation of the off - / check-in form.
  • Tenant shall use the vehicle for its intended purpose and is liable for damages resulting from improper use.
  • Tenant is responsible for regular monitoring of the technical condition of the vehicle, such as oil and coolant levels, tire pressure and wheel change due to a flat tire.
  • Tenant is responsible for prompt reporting of technical failures of the vehicle.
  • Damage to tires caused by external inrijding borne by the lessee.
  • In case of theft or misappropriation of the leased vehicle the original documents and car keys in the agreed rental period will be returned to the rental company. When not delivering the above humble you as a tenant liable for the current value of the leased object.



  • If your destination is abroad, you must report it and you are deemed to be in possession of travel insurance. The notification obligation is important in case of winter conditions, so the owner can prepare the car with winter tires. If this is not reported, the lessee can be held jointly liable, even if you have not caused the damage.


Excluded from insurance and full Deductible of the tenant:

  • The excess per claim amounts to € 500, - for window damage is the excess € 250, -.
  • Contrary to the agreed, a permanently increased deductible of € 1,500 applies for the tenant who is a consumer and € 5,000.00 for the renter who is not a consumer per incident for damage caused by collision with the part of the vehicle that is on a height of more than 1.90 meters above the ground or by collision with cases attached to the vehicle that are located at more than 1.90 meters above the ground, so-called "overhead damage" (see also the General Terms and Conditions of the Rental Companies of BOVAG) . This increased deductible can not be reduced or bought off.
  • Damage due to embezzlement, alcohol, transport substances according to the "Law on hazardous materials transport," theft by culpable negligence, excess capacity and overloading the tailgate.
  • Damage caused by a driver who is not in possession of a valid driving license.
  • Damage resulting in a risk country designated by us. See here which car lelystad countries as country risk matters.
  • Damage resulting from failure or incorrect directions by navigation.
  • Insurance of any towed vehicle is at all times on behalf of the tenant.
  • If damaged, the tenant must notify autoverhuurlelystad within 24 hours with A completed and signed European claim form and a police report.
  • The cost of repairing vandalism and extreme dirt are immediately charged to the tenant.


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